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Revenues (000, Ksh)
Current assets (000, Ksh)
Inventory (000, Ksh)
Current liabilities (000, Ksh)
Net working capital (000, Ksh)
Gross profit (000, Ksh)
Net profit (000, Ksh)
Operating profit /EBIT (000, Ksh)
Total Assets (000, Ksh)
Fixed assets (000, Ksh)
Total liabilities (000, Ksh)
Long-term liabilities (000, Ksh)
Shareholder equity (000, Ksh)
Interest expense (000, Ksh)
Earnings after tax (000, Ksh)
EBITDA (000, Ksh)
PBT/EBT (000, Ksh)
Preference dividends
Intangible Assets (000, Ksh)
Book value (000, Ksh)
Number of outstanding ordinary shares (000)
Number of issued and fully-paid preference shares
Book value per share
Market price of share (average, as at 31st Dec)
Dividends (ordinary shareholders, Ksh, per share)
Cost of goods sold (000, Ksh)
Finance costs (000, Ksh)
Finance income (000, Ksh)
Accounts receivable (000, Ksh)
Total dividends (000, Ksh) (Ordinary)
Total dividends (000, Ksh) (Preference)
Accounts payable (000, Ksh)
Retained earnings
Market capitalisation (000, Ksh)