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About The Company

Express Kenya Limited was incorporated in 1918. Its head office is located in Etcoville, Road A, off Industrial Area’s Enterprise Road, Nairobi. Its business involves the provision of transport, logistics, clearing, warehousing, and forwarding services.

The firm has also ventured into real estate, with the construction of a 1,200 house residential estate known as Express Apartments. Apart from Kenya, its markets span the COMESA countries of Uganda, South Sudan, Congo, Sudan, Tanzania Ethiopia, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and Burundi.

The company operates through the following divisions: warehousing, transport, packing and removals, sea freight, and air freight.  The company was listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 2003, where its shares continue to trade to date.


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Annual Reports


Annual Reports


Annual Reports


Annual Reports


Annual Reports