What we do

We collect, organise, and summarise structured financial data from credible pre-existing sources. In an accurate, complete, updated, timely, and objectivemanner. We describe and manipulate the data, identify patterns, give meaning to it, simplify it, and visualise what it says. We archive it for easier future retrieval.

Why We Do It

The world generates quintillions of bytes of data daily. Too much data is bad for decision making. We help reduce the overwhelming tons of disparate data into a simple and clear decision point.Too much of the data is in too few hands. We help democratise the data to reduce information asymmetry, and help discerning investors to profit off the informational advantage.

How We Do It

By building and maintaining a database of annual reports for listed firms. By providing fundamental analysis (absolute valuation), valuation multiples, historical quotes, bankruptcy prediction models, horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and earnings management analysis of the listed firms.

Get in the know with

In theory, markets are complete and perfect. In practice, they are not. When markets have friction, and the other guy knows more than you do, that is how your lunch gets stolen! The secret sauce for going shot to shot with the best investors, for leaving iteration in the dust, for defying gravity and shooting for the moon, is to get the information advantage!

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